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Initial Futuri Mobile App Setup

This article is written for Digital Managers

Before we can begin to build your station's new Futuri Mobile app, we will need to gather certain configuration items and art assets so that we can customize the app to fit your station's brand.

There are three main tasks required to set up your Futuri Mobile app:

Once these steps have been completed, Futuri will build your test app and then provide a test link so that you can download the app before it is submitted to stores. Once you have the test app, you can make some minor configuration adjustments via the Futuri Control Room, and then you'll need to tell Futuri VIP Support when you're ready to publish the app.

Each app submitted to Apple is manually reviewed by their team, which can take between 7 and 10 days. When Apple approves your app, Futuri will release that and the Android app simultaneously, in coordination with your on-air app push.

After the app has been published in both stores, Futuri VIP Support will also provide you with a share link that will automatically re-direct to the App Store for iPhone/iPad users, the Google Play Store for Android users, and a page on your station website for desktop/laptop users. We recommend setting up an app page on your site and sharing that URL with Futuri VIP Support. Click here for an example of an app landing page.

Futuri Control Room Setup

When your Futuri Mobile contract has been processed by our system, Futuri VIP Support will reach out with credentials for your Futuri Control Room backend, and in that backend is a Mobile App menu with a page called Initial App Setup.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the Initial App Setup form and clicking Save at the bottom of the page as you complete each sub-section (rather than trying to save the whole page all at once, just in case of internet connection issues or other problems).

On this page, you'll need to gather the following information. Image dimensions and transparency requirements are listed on the form itself.

Setup Form Section Details
Existing Apps  If you have an existing app for either Android or iPhone, we strongly advise you to upgrade your existing app(s) to Futuri Mobile to avoid splitting your audience and potentially causing listener confusion. We can transfer the existing app to your current iOS / Google Play developer account if necessary, although the assistance of your original app developers may be required.
App Settings  These include the app's name (both in the store and on the device itself), its app store description and keywords, some basic color customization, and the raw URLs of your stream. If you have an existing app that we'll need to upgrade, we'll need its iOS App ID and Android App ID.
iTunes Connect / Google Play Credentials We'll also ask for your app store credentials. If you don't yet have an Apple Developer or Google Play account when you're filling out this form, you can leave those fields blank.
Logos and Splash Screens These are all of the logos used throughout the app and the various app stores. Dimensions and transparency requirements are listed in the form. For more information about the art assets in your Futuri Mobile app, click here.
App Features  In this section you can opt in or opt out of individual Futuri Mobile features, such as the Alarm Clock, Weather, Open Mic, Badges, and Station Phone/Website buttons. You can always change your mind about these features later.

Once you have filled out the required fields of this form and saved at the bottom of the page, a blue "Submit to Futuri" button will appear at the top of the page. Clicking this will send your assets to Futuri VIP Support and we will begin the build process of your app.

App Store Setup

Apple requires each of our clients to register their own Apple Developer Account in order to post apps to their App Store. We will need to have your Apple Developer Account credentials on file before we can begin building your iOS app. If you have multiple stations under the same owner, those stations can share a developer account.

You should also set up a Google Play Developer Account, which is a fairly simple process. We can begin building your Android app without these credentials, but will not be able to publish until you have created your account.

With both app stores, you can either give Futuri your primary credentials, or you can add Futuri as an authorized user on your account. If you have questions about this process, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

If you need to transfer ownership from an old account to a new one for some reason (i.e. from your old developer's account to your own account), you can use these instructions:

If you're transferring an Android app from a previous developer, we will need the private signing key and keystore password for that app. Your previous app developer should be able to provide this information.

Now Playing Setup

In order to display Now Playing metadata in your app, we will need to set up a Now Playing export from your station's automation system to Futuri. As part of this process, we will also set up our Echo software, which will allow Futuri to see your daily schedule and proactively send Instant Alerts to listeners who have requested them.

Your engineer should make an appointment with Futuri VIP Support to walk through these steps.

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