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Flash Contests are designed to be Tune-In Contests that really drive tune-ins, ratings, and instantly measurable mobile engagement.

Setting Up Flash Contests

From the Futuri Control Room, click Flash Contesting under the Mobile App section of the menu.Then, choose New Contest. Enter the Name of the contest (not visible to users) and a description (keep it brief). Choose how many winners should be chosen. When the contest ends, this number of winners will be randomly chosen from the entrants.

If you want to collect users' email addresses (to use for your station's mailing list or to give to your contest's sponsor), you can check the Request Email? box when creating a Flash Contest. You'll also want to add some Opt-In Text (i.e. "Join our mailing list?").

Push Notifications

To send a push notification with this Flash Contest, check the Send Push Notification box. This will automatically copy the text from the Description field into the Push Notification Text field, and you can edit it (for brevity or a different call to action) as needed. Finally, set a start date and end date/time for this contest. Flash Contests can start right now or any time in the future.


Once a Flash Contest has opened, you can view the entries in the Control Room by clicking View next to each Flash Contest’s Number of Winners. From this page, you can also choose to stop a Flash Contest immediately. Once a Flash Contest has closed, the winners will be determined and displayed on this same page.

Of course, you don't HAVE to use the same winner that the system selects, if you find that the selected winner is ineligible. You'll have access to all the entries so that you can choose an eligible winner, and it's up to you to actually notify/qualify that winner.

If you had chosen to collect email addresses with this Flash Contest, you'll see those on this page as well, with an indication as to whether the user opted in to join your mailing list.

NOTE: If a user has given you their email address but did not opt in to join your mailing list, you should not use that email address for anything other than contacting them about this specific contest.


  • Only users who have subscribed to push notifications will receive pushes for Flash Contesting. If a user has not signed up for push notifications, they can still see the contest when they open the app during the contest window, and then they can choose to subscribe then.
  • You can have one Flash Contest open at a time.
  • We would recommend setting your end date/time for a few minutes after the promoted cut-off (i.e. 3:05pm for a 3pm cutoff) so that users have time to fully complete the submission process.
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