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Futuri has partnered with digital audio advertising solution provider AdsWizz to provide a variety of services as part of the Futuri Streaming platform. One of these services is Audioserve, which allows you to manage display, audio, and video ads for your stream.

Audioserve can be accessed at Before you can use Audioserve, please contact Futuri VIP Support for initial backend setup. You'll need to specify which of the following setups you'll need (you can choose more than one):

  • Pre-roll audio (with or without companion banner ads)
  • Pre-roll video (with or without companion banner ads)
  • Mid-roll audio (i.e. ad insertion) - Your station must be configured to send Now Playing data to Futuri in order to use ad insertion.

NOTE: Our AdsWizz Audioserve integration does not currently support banner ads that are not tied to pre-roll audio or video. If you'd like to incorporate standalone banner ads in your Futuri Streaming player, we'd recommend using Google DFP for that.

Once Futuri VIP Support has created your "zones" (the inventory where you'll target ads), you'll be sent credentials to access your Audioserve account.

Creating Advertisers

Before an ad can be scheduled, the advertiser needs to be created. To do that, from the Campaigns screen, click Create New and choose Advertiser. A contact name/email are required, but you can use an internal station contact in most cases.

Creating Campaigns

You can either create campaigns immediately after creating a new advertiser, or create them from the main "Campaigns" screen by clicking Create New and choosing Campaign.

Campaign Settings

Give the campaign a name and start/end date. In most cases, the Objective can be "unlimited" and the Delivery type can be "As fast as possible". The Weight can be left at its default value in most cases.

Create Ads

Give the ad itself a name, and upload it. The generic settings can likely be left the way they are.

Create Targeting Rules

In order for the campaign to be used, it must be targeted at a zone (or zones). On this page, you'll add a targeting rule that specifies the zones you need the ad to be displayed on. You can also save a default template (i.e. if you have 2 stations and most advertisers should be added to both stations, you'd save that as a default template to make it easier each time).

Further Reading

More advanced documentation for Audioserve can be found in this PDF from the AdsWizz team..

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