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Google DFP Integration

This article is written for Digital Managers

While it is possible to upload basic ad inventory through your Futuri Control Room, we strongly recommend using Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) or another platform for flighting ads to your Futuri platforms and other digital properties. Google DFP allows you to control how many impressions each banner receives, rotate multiple pieces of creative in the same slot, and get instant access to impression and engagement numbers.

There are four steps to setting up Google DFP integration for your Futuri platform:

Setting up your Google DFP account

If you already have a Google DFP account that you use for your station website, you can use that same account for your Futuri platform(s). If you don't already have a Google DFP account, you can create one for free, and then you can easily use that same account to flight ads to any of your station's digital assets. Here are the steps to create a Google DFP account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get started.
  3. Either sign in with an existing Google account, or create one. You may need to also sign up for AdSense for your Google account, which can be done here.
  4. Once you have signed in (or have created your account and have come back to this step), choose your language and click Continue.
  5. Choose your country/timezone/currency settings and click Save and continue.
  6. Accept the terms.
  7. Choose whether to receive email notifications from DFP.

Setting up your inventory tags

Each ad position on your Futuri platform(s) will correspond to an inventory tag in Google DFP, so you'll only need to create an inventory tag for each position once. Then, you'll flight individual pieces of ad copy to those positions using the "flighting" instructions further down on this page.

Below are the instructions for creating your inventory tags.

  • Click the Inventory tab at the top of the page
  • Click New Ad Unit.
  • Give the ad unit a Code, using the guidelines in the tables below. NOTE: Your station may not need all of the positions below. Check with your program director to find out which Futuri platform(s) your station uses.


    Ad Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters) Dimensions
    WABC_engage 300x100 (unless your voting window is embedded at a wider width, in which case you'll choose dimensions that fit the width where you've embedded your voting window)

    Futuri Mobile

    Ad type Ad Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters) Dimensions
    All app pages other than those listed below WABC_Mobile 320x50 and 728x90
    Open Mic Page WABC_Mobile/Open_Mic 320x50 and 728x90
    Alarm Clock Page WABC_Mobile/Alarm_Clock 320x50 and 728x90
    Weather Page WABC_Mobile/Weather 320x50 and 728x90
    News Page (News/Talk stations only) WABC_Mobile_News_iPhone 320x50
    WABC_Mobile_News_Android 320x50
    Preroll Video (optional) WABC_Mobile_PrerollVideo 640x480
    Splash Ad (optional, displays on a 30-minute interval in the center of the app) WABC_Mobile_Splash 300x250

    Futuri Streaming

    Ad type Ad Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters) Dimensions
    Banner WABC_StreamDesktop 728x90
    WABC_StreamMobile 320x50
    Video WABC_PrerollVideo 640x480 (for video), 728x90 (for optional companion banner)
  • Under Size:
    • Banner - Choose the size(s) that correspond with the table above.
    • Video - Expand Video (VAST) sizes and choose 640x480. If you also want to flight a companion banner ad with your video pre-roll, enter 728x90 under Companion Sizes.
  • Next, choose _blank for the Target window.
  • If you have advanced experience with Google DFP and would like to fill out any of the other settings on this page, feel free. However, none of the other fields are required for your Futuri platform.

Sending your inventory tags to Futuri VIP Support

Once you have created your ad unit(s), you should locate your network code. You can find your network code under Admin.

You must provide your ​network code and ​​ad unit to Futuri VIP Support at

If you've also created a video unit (for Futuri Streaming or Futuri Mobile), you'll need to get the VAST URL for that ad unit. To find this, go to Inventory and select your video ad unit. Then, click Generate Tags and click Continue until you get to the last step. You'll then see a URL for the video unit. Copy that entire URL and share it with Futuri VIP Support.

Flighting ads

Once you've created your ad units and shared them with Futuri VIP Support, the ad creative that you upload to your Google DFP account will begin to appear on your Futuri platform(s). Here's how to flight that creative:

  • In the Delivery tab, click New Order. Think of this as a campaign for a specific advertiser (i.e. Subway March 2016).
  • Give the order/campaign a name, and choose an advertiser (you can create a new advertiser if needed).
  • Under New Line Item:
    • Give your line item a Name (i.e. Subway March 2016 stream banner)
    • Under Inventory Sizes, choose Standard for banners, or Video VAST for pre-roll video (even if the video will have a companion banner). You'll then choose your ad's size (depending on the table above).
    • If you're setting up a video pre-roll, you'll also need to specify a Max Duration. That should be at least as long as the longest video you'd use for that position (we'd recommend 15 seconds).
  • Under Settings:
    • The Type should typically be Network (unless you’re selling CPM)
    • The start time and end time for the campaigns must be filled out but can be left open-ended (i.e. Immediately – Unlimited)
  • Under Add Targeting in the Browse section, click Ad Units and select the ad unit(s) that you want to use for this campaign.
  • Select Save and... and choose Upload Creatives.
    • For banner ads:
      • Click Image.
      • Give your creative set a Name, a Redirect URL, and a Target Unit Ad Size, and upload your banner ad. It should not be necessary to modify any of the other fields on this page.
    • For pre-roll video (with or without companion banners):
      • Click Linear and then Video
      • Give the creative a NameClick-through URL, and a Duration.
      • Under Hosting, you can choose DFP-hosted if you plan to upload the video ad, or choose one of the external choices if your video is already online somewhere.
      • Choose whether the ad should be skippable.
      • Upload your video file. Google DFP will automatically convert it to other formats as necessary.
      • If you're going to have a companion banner with your video, then under Companion Creatives, choose Image. Give your creative set a Name, a Redirect URL, and a Target Unit Ad Size, and upload your banner ad. It should not be necessary to modify any of the other fields on this page.
  • When you're ready for this creative to go live, click Approve.

Once these steps have been completed, you should see the ads appear on your Futuri platform(s) within about an hour (it takes some time for Google's web servers to propagate).

For ongoing support with your Google DFP platform, see DFP Small Business Help.

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