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Creating new shows in POST Planner

This article is written for Program Directors Digital Managers

This article is part of a series on POST Planner.

POST Planner is a feature that helps to auto fill-in daypart specific defaults within POST. These defaults can include a Title, Description, Tags, Program Images and Social Media Export options:

These defaults can be scheduled by clicking the Planner tab in the top navigation bar. This tab will only show for station Admin accounts. If the tab does not show on your account, contact Futuri VIP Support to have it activated.


When you first open the POST Planner, you will see a weekly calendar with the current week. New programs can be added either by clicking on a time of day or by clicking the New Show button at the top.

Prior to setting specific daypart defaults, we recommend setting the global station defaults by clicking the Edit Defaults button:


When clicking either the Edit Defaults or New Show button, you will be presented with a 4 step process:

Step 1. Set the Date and Time of the show

Step 2. Set Default Text

This screen lets you set the default Title, Description and Tags for the specified daypart. The tags are used as hashtags on Twitter and can also be used to filter content within the web widget.

Step 3. Set a Default Photo

This step lets you optionally set default images for that particular daypart. The Default Image should be a rectangular image (2:1 ratio) which will be used on Facebook, Twitter and within the Web Widget. The square image is optional, but if specified, it can be used by iTunes and other RSS feeds. It must be a minimum size of 1400x1400.

Step 4. Configure Social Media, Website and RSS export options

The options that are set on this screen will determine which Export Options are available within POST for the specified daypart. This can be used to configure Facebook and Twitter accounts that may be specific to a Morning Show, or to create a Web Widget specific to that particular program.

For more information on configuring export options, see Managing toggle options.

Custom pre-roll and post-roll bumpers can also be setup for the daypart, making it easy to sponsor clips from specific shows.

After clicking the Done button, you will be brought back to the Calendar view, where you can see the newly created Show:


In addition to creating a program schedule, POST Planner can also be used to create sub-features within a show. For instance, a Morning Show may have a regular feature that happens sometime between 7:05am and 7:10am each day. These features can also be pre-populated with defaults in the same way as a show. To do so, simply click on the Show and then click New Feature and follow the same process as setting up a new show.

Features will appear as yellow dots in the show.

Questions?  Email VIP Support at or call 877-221-7979 x 1.
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