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This article is written for Program Directors Digital Managers

Keep the conversation going online and communicate directly with your listeners in real-time via the #engage platform with Discussions.

With Discussions, station personalities start conversation threads for listeners to chat directly with the station and other listeners. Personalities and listeners can post new comments and reply to existing comments in the thread. Users are asked to log-in with Facebook or Twitter to show their name and profile picture for a personalized Discussions experience, and anonymous posting can be enabled in the Futuri Control Room.

If your #engage station also has a Futuri Mobile app, Discussions can be enabled in your app as well. Contact Futuri VIP Support if you'd like to do this.

Configuring the Discussions feature

The Discussions feature is enabled for all #engage stations by default, but will not display to users unless you have a Discussion thread active.

Overall Configuration

In the Futuri Control Room under Discussions > Configuration, you can customize your station’s Discussions look & feel. For example, you can give your Discussions a custom name, ex. “Zapptivity Center” and name the button for listeners to start engaging with discussions, ex. “Join the Conversation!”

You can also check the Anonymous Replies box if you'd like to allow users to post anonymously (i.e. without signing in to Facebook or Twitter first). When doing this, you can create an “Anonymous” first and last name for all non-logged in users for added customization. If you add multiple names, #engage will randomly shuffle those names when anonymous users post to Discussions.

Creating Station Personalities

In the Control Room under Discussions > Personalities, you can create profiles for your station personalities. Try a general station personality, a morning show personality, or create individual personalities for each jock.

Select “New Personality” and add a name, profile photo, then select save.

You're now on your way to posting threads in Discussions!

Using the Discussions feature

Manage your live conversations as they happen in the Futuri Control Room under Discussions > Discussion Topics. Here, you'll see a real time table of all conversation threads, manage user-posted comments, and see user-entered contact details for engaging with users outside of discussions.

Creating New Topics

To start a new topic, select “New Conversation” and enter the topic or question you would like your listeners to discuss.

Managing existing conversations can be done via the red, active conversation box to the right of the real-time user comments. You can navigate to the conversation you want to monitor and engage with via this list.

Station personalities can also:

  • Comment on the active topic
  • Pause an active topic, turning off visibility to the topic for users. A great use case would be for a morning show thread that is started/stopped daily for the show. Pausing a conversation keeps the existing thread and picks it back up when the station makes it live again each day at show time.
  • Delete a topic to remove it completely. Deleted topics are not able to be seen again in the Control Room or on the front end of #engage.

Replying to topics

Listeners comments are all visible in the Futuri Control Room. Station personalities can quickly reply to a listener comment via the ‘“Reply” button

Moderating content

Station personalities have the ability to moderate all content. If a comment is deemed unsatisfactory, use the “delete” button to remove it.

An additional station moderation tool is blocking unsavory users. All non-anonymous users are able to be blocked from engaging with the Discussions feature. Select the “block” button next to the user’s comment.

Blocked users will still seem to be able to post from their experience, but posts will not be shown to other users.

SUGGESTION: If you want to have the ability to block users who post inappropriate content, you may want to disable anonymous replies (by un-checking that box under Discussions > Configuration), because anonymous users cannot be blocked.

Using Discussions for contesting

The first time a user logs-in via Facebook or Twitter to the Discussions feature, they are prompted to enter their contact information (email/phone number) for the station to be able to contact them outside of Discussions. This allows you, the radio station, to drive contesting with the Discussions feature.

All collected contact information is visible next to users' comments in the discussion thread in the Futuri Control Room.

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