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Futuri Mobile Best Practices

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Driving Downloads

Best Practices

“Download our free app” is not enough anymore. The average smartphone user has a pretty full phone already and, research shows, only downloads ONE app per month

  • What is their reason to download yours this month?

It’s vital to give users a reason/benefit to download your app - talk about specific, unique features like Open Mic, Flash Contests, Breaking News Alerts

  • Most effective to focus on one reason per promo / live read

Futuri’s partners have shared a variety of phenomenal app promotional ideas: Using online video ads, digital billboards, and Facebook’s built-in “call to action” button to drive app downloads and occasions. See the link below for more.

Copy Examples

Watching the Grammys tonight? Be sure you have STATION app tonight and use Open Mic to send us your reactions. Tomorrow morning, MORNING SHOW NAME will play ‘em back as we look at the night’s winners and losers.

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Flash Contesting

Best Practices

The best times to use Flash Contests are upon initial launch of your app or anytime that you start to see a dip in your “sessions served” metrics

Tie your Flash Contest call-to-action to a tune-in incentive

  • I.E.: “Enter the contest and tune in for the next 10 minutes to hear if you are the winner.”

The majority of users will enter your Flash Contest within the first few minutes after it opens

  • This means you don’t gain much by leaving a contest open for more than 60 minutes

Set contest end date/time for a few minutes after the promoted cut-off.

  • I.E.: 3:05pm for a 3:00pm cutoff, so users have time to fully complete the submission process

Copy Examples

We're giving away CONCERT tickets - and all you have to do to grab 'em is log into the app in the next 10 minutes and enter to win! Don't have the app? Get it in the App Store or Google Play now!

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Audience Alerts

Best Practices

Good push content

  • Breaking News - content that is pertinent to that station’s location and format
  • Weather Warnings or Watches
  • Political News
  • Station Updates (as long as they don’t sound like commercials)
  • Concert Announcements
  • Sports Update (Playoff / Championship Games)

Bad/underperforming push content

  • Pushes that give you the whole story and don’t encourage you to open the app
  • Traffic updates (which can look repetitive and annoy users over time)

Set an expiration time so that enough people will be able to open the app and read it before the message expires

  • Usually, at least for one hour - unless you expect to send additional updates sooner than that

Don’t use iOS-specific language (not everyone has an iPhone)

  • Remember that “sliding” a push notification on Android will dismiss the notification, not open the app

Copy Examples

ICYMI: This morning we talked to a member of the President’s Cabinet about the latest news surrounding the administration. Tap here to listen!

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Open Mic

Best Practices

Music stations: Use as a way for audience to request songs, then have jocks play corresponding audio as an introduction for songs, the next time that they play

News/Talk stations & morning shows of any format: Use to solicit feedback on topics that are being discussed on-air, playback on-air in addition to calls

Use Open Mic for creative contesting

  • I.E.: Karaoke contests to win concert tickets, screaming contests for haunted house passes, bad joke of the day or “Insult the Morning Show” contests to, well, insult your funny-looking morning show
  • When using Open Mic for contesting, be sure to remind users to enter their contact information so you can contact them for the prize

Drive traffic to Open Mic using Audience Alerts, especially when you’re doing a specific promotion

  • Put “OPEN MIC” in the push notification as a verb, to build name recognition of the feature

Copy Examples

Sing your favorite Justin Timberlake song for a chance to win concert tickets!
Watching the Grammys tonight? Be sure you have STATION app tonight and use Open Mic to send us your reactions. Tomorrow morning, MORNING SHOW NAME will play ‘em back as we look at the night’s winners and losers.

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Song Alerts

Best Practices

Promote song alerts at least once in every daypart (pre-produced imaging and live mentions)

  • Hoping that website users accidentally discover this ratings-driving feature is not an effective strategy

Review and update your alert templates, to keep them fresh for your audience

  • Make sure you’re taking advantage of the rotating templates for SMS and Twitter templates

Review Interactive Song Ratings in the Futuri Control Room on a weekly basis to see what songs your audience is most interested in

  • The “LOVE” score within the “Interactive Song Ratings” represents a listener’s strong passion via alerts

Copy Examples

Never miss your favorite songs! WXXX song alerts notify you just minutes before it plays next - get all the details STATIONWEBSITE.COM
That was the new one from ARTIST. Don't forget you can sign up to get a text when that one plays next...just go to STATIONWEBSITE.COM to sign up!

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Social Triggers

Best Practices

Choose 3-5 songs from your on-air rotation and create a Twitter campaign with Social Triggers - change them out on a weekly basis for the most effective strategy

  • Example Twitter copy: “We’re playing TITLE by ARTIST right now thanks to YOU! Vote for your favorite songs at LINK!”

Rotate your templates so the audience will see a different message each time the social trigger will be posted

  • For example, if you’ve set it to repeat 5 times, add 5 variations of the template so that they feel more “authentic” each time

Use Social Triggers to drive traffic to related content on your website

  • For example, if you have a morning show interview with Taylor Swift or a blog post about Jon Bon Jovi, link to them through a Social Trigger whenever Taylor Swift or Bon Jovi plays for the rest of the day.

Copy Examples

We're jammin' to SUGAR by @maroon5. We've still got that chance for you to meet them! More details: LINK

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