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Creating RSS feeds to use with Word Press

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With POST you can use RSS feeds to import content into Word Press.  But first, you will need to create the Word Press feed.

1.)  In POST, select the Planner tab, and then select Edit Defaults.

2.)  Then navigate to Option 4 "Post Options"

3.)  To create the RSS feed, click "Edit RSS Feeds"

4.)  Create the RSS feed.  We recommend that you clearly denote in the display name field that it is a feed for Word Press

5.)  Once you have created the feed click "get URL"located to the right of the feed.

6.)  Highlight the URL and copy to your clipboard.  

7.)  Before you embed the RSS feed, you need to edit the URL.  In the URL, change "RSS" to the word "wordpress".

This is the link that you will embed into Word Press.  Please note, the original RSS feed will still show in POST Planner, but any content that you export to this feed will go to the corresponding feed in Word Press.

If you have any questions, please email VIP Support at or call 877-221-7979 x 1.
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