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Interactive Programming

  • Interactive Programming with #engage

    #engage offers several types of interactive programming to help bring your audience to life! This page is designed as a jumping off point to learn more about the ways to generate ratings and revenue through #engage's interactive programming. Click a link below to learn more about each feature. ...

  • "UPick" Voting Session Overview

    "UPick" Voting Sessions with #engage give your listeners the chance to pick the next song you play on air. Voting sessions are a proven way to drive TSL on your radio station. Programming Ideas Learn more about voting sessions With voting sessions, the PD pre-schedules the song choices (...

  • "Stylized" Voting Sessions

    #engage supports "stylized" voting sessions, which will slightly modify the #engage voting window to match a theme. This is ideal for special throwback or out-of-format features, or it could be used to just add a custom design to your station's voting sessions. There are several types of stylized v...

  • Top Song Overview

    Top Song is a feature of #engage that allows listeners to compete with one another in real time to push their favorite songs on the air. This feature allows your station a chance to get real time data from your listeners, on what they like and what they don't, in an interactive atmosphere. Users ca...

  • Takeover Overview

    Takeover is an interactive programming feature within #engage that allows your listeners to choose every song that plays for an hour, a daypart, or even 24/7! Programming Ideas Setting up Takeover Programming Ideas To hear aircheck examples of stations using Takeover, click here or se...

  • Takeover Countdown Overview

    With Takeover's Countdown Mode, your listeners will have the power to vote in a real-time, live countdown feature - and keep voting all the way until the #1 song plays! Songs that have already played in the countdown are locked in position at the top of the page, so users can see what has already...

  • FaceOff Overview

    FaceOff is a feature of #engage that allows users to vote on two lists of songs at once, and the songs at the top of each list will "face off" against each other in a head-to-head voting session to see which one plays next on air. This feature is designed to drive Time Spent Listening and time spen...

  • Discussions Feature

    Keep the conversation going online and communicate directly with your listeners in real-time via the #engage platform with Discussions. With Discussions, station personalities start conversation threads for listeners to chat directly with the station and other listeners. Personalities and listeners...

  • Adding an artist field to GSelector log exports

    If your station uses #engage "UPick"-style voting sessions and your music log text file does not contain an artist field, Futuri's system will match your vote options with the artists we have on file for those songs, to ensure that the song displays correctly in your #engage voting window. However,...

  • Web Control Voting Sessions

    "Web Control" voting sessions are manually activated through the Futuri Control Room, without the need to be pre-scheduled in your daily music log. While most stations prefer to automate voting sessions, your station may find that Web Control voting sessions work better for your needs, and you can a...
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